Mythical Easter Bunny


The Mythical Easter Bunny also known as the Easter Hare, has the role of running through children’s’ ¬†backyards, leaving Easter eggs for them to find on Easter Morning. This mythical creature has never been seen but has many tales told to children for pleasure. Along with Santa Claus, this bunny appears the night before it’s holiday. Hope you all have a good Easter and that you find Easter eggs outside!

Your Mythical Bunny Rabbit

Mythological April Fools


April Fools was a big failure for us. We tried the toothpaste/Oreo trick. In two words, it failed. Everyone opens the Oreo before eating it.

Now to the mythical side, isn’t it weird that most cookies are eating without being opened but Oreo s are opened. There must be an automatic thing written in our brain that says, ‘You will open the Oreo and savor the magical goodness inside.’

Your Magical Unicorn

Athens, So Beautiful!

Did you ever wonder how Athens got its name? Well, a long time ago, there was a fight between Poseidon and Athena. Both of them wanted to be patrons of the city. They therefor decided to compete against each other. The one that gave the greatest gift to the people of Athens would become its patron. Poseidon gave them sea salted spring which was useless. Athena gave them their first olive tree. The people were so grateful that they named their city after their patron.